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Palm trees are perfect for Tropical Landscaping and most are FL natives meaning they can withstand anything Florida throws at it: heat, rain, wind, and drought. Our prices on Palm Trees won't be beat! 

  • Alexander Palm (Single Double & triple) 
  • Christmas Palm (Single, Double, & triple)
  • Spindle Palm (single and double)
  • Royal Palm (single and double)
  • Foxtail Palm (Single Double & triple) 
  • Coconut palm (15 gallon and field grown) 
  • Areca Palm (25 gallon )
  • Sylvester Palm (FG)
  • Bottle Palm
  • Canary Island Date palm (FG)
  • Robellinii Palm 15- 25 gallon (Double & triple) 
                  **(all palms subject to availability)**
sylvester palm.jpg
bottle palm.jpg
robellini small.jpg
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